Camping Food


As a group, we will be eating a number of meals together. Groups of two or three people prepare one meal over the course of the weekend for the entire group. We will have a 2-burner propane stove and open flame on hand. Make sure you note for yourself all the supplies you need. There's nothing like getting to the campsite and discovering you forgot a wooden spoon.

Please cook to your "maximum skill". If you can make a delicious vegan steak with only pocket lint and six toothpicks, leave the hot dogs and pancakes to those who can't.

Please make sure there's a vegetarian entree option with your meal. On larger trips, when you are encouraged to cook in trios, feel free to ask someone to bring or prepare a dessert option.

  • Dinner Friday
    • Cooks: MacKenzie
    • Meal: Spaghetti (gluten free available), optional meatballs, parmesan
  • Breakfast Saturday
    • Cooks:
    • Meal:
  • Snacks Saturday
    • Cooks:
    • Snacks: Berries, cucumber, other wet foods, juices, etc.
  • Dinner Saturday
    • Cooks:
    • Meal:
  • Breakfast Sunday
    • Cooks:
    • Meal:

If there are more meals than people, feel free to sign up for one of the following fun activities. Please do not sign up to bring any of these items until all meals are handled. Unless marked otherwise, we need someone to bring this stuff!

  • S'more supplies, including marshmallows (vegan and non), chocolate bars, and graham crackers
    • Bringer:
  • $20 in cold hard cash for firewood
    • Bringer (Optional):
  • Your brilliant idea here!
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